Welcome April 18e,2006 I was born again!!

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Experience how positivity & wellness Will improves your health, life & world

Dear visitor, welcome at the POsiMO site. POsiMO stands for positive and movement, (motivation).

I survived a brain hemorrhage and my entire left side of my body was paralyzed ,

the doctors gave me no chance, but my father demanded that I would be operated on!

my Porsche was exchanged for a wheelchair! , this past 10 years I have had a body of a man of 120 years old.

However, due to my character,Willpower, positive attitude and life experience, as a former Dutch marine I stayed positive! things where happening?. I could in the first weeks not even sit up straight but always kept in mind that one day I will recover, not knowing of the average of 16 to 20 million people a “year” getting a brain hemorrhage, and only two woman recovered totally! by saying to others and myself that I would heal, special things happend, going on this road!, friends told me about affirmations and “the law of attraction” and affirmations.conclusion, it have brought me to where I am today, now every day(2016) my body become younger and better!.I train 2 to 4 hours a day intens by myself at home and I wase curious about what the power of positivity and thoughts means and cute do for me?, What I found out, together with the good results to myself I decided that everyone on the world this should know and woke up one morning with the name POsiMO and started this magazine after I had learned to build websites.

websites!after rain comes sunshine, and I’m going the Sun that I now will receive! share with the world,Everything in the universe is in balance and we as human beings are the biggest danger to the world and even ourselves! so be aware what you think, and eat . today being clean is cool, think about that your positive thoughts and attitude will stimulate the hole world! “we are all connected”

in rain periods, we grow and learn!

I’m thankful and privileged with this experience and knowledge, which I am going to share, with POsiMO Intermedia. We are going to publish digital magazines, everything in line with positive thinking and improving the world for humans, animals and the environment “Don’t let small minds convince you that your dreams are to big”! Anthonie de Klerk


In 2006 I became paralyzed at the entire left side of my body, by a brain hemorrhage (stroke),in the hospital the doctors had given me no change to survive, but my father demanded that I was operated on, And I survived, and now I am becoming the third ever to be entirely healed on a average off16 million victims every year. On this site I present messages mostly by small movies with my commend about how this information help me to my goal” full recovery . As a former Dutch Marine I use my knowledge and experience about training and the way how to do my exercities, I use my will power as a former p Dutch Marine. But I also experience daily the power of the law of attraction by my personal affirmations. The messages within the movies on this site have a motivating effect on me and Gide me to achieve my goal, to be the “third person” ever which is completely in depended again this of 16 million victims each year worldwide!! Important to me is that you to experiences that you can change and improve your health and life.

First rule think positive any time and every ware also look at, being positive as a medicine

Life is like driving a car. you look forward and not constandly backwards in your mirrors. if you do, accidents will happen . live your life positive and make always plans for the

future Below a wonderful workshop about the power of the mind

Thoughts shape your life. Don’t Let life shape your thoughts


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