Objective & plan

Imagine a modern luxury cruise ship such as the konings dam from the Holland-America lijn with many sports and fitness options, doctors and nursing staff on board, together with the presence of a small fully-fledged hospital. A program of workshops that are followed on board in combi nation with the sporty and relaxing moments, restaurants with responsible healthy food everything aimed at training for your healthy well-being and or recovery

Are you ready for a healthy new successful life!

“Our objective is: to help &Educate

Worlds population,with the

“POsiMO World FitNAllHealthCareProgram for a better and healthier life!

”More than halve of the Worlds human population

have a disease”

the planets climate. Animals &Nature!

Objective of the APP is: Increasing awareness about the Healing effect of positive emotion combined whit Movement (wellness).concerning our Health & Welfare!” this with workshops to Train&learn your subconscious mind to get personal Happiness & Health.

imagine a modern cruise ship like the Konings dam what is furnished as a hospital and wellness fitness center, the guests get next to a tailer made train program with exercises healthy food and drinks during the hole trip compleet with workshops how to improve their lives all this during a luxury relaxing trip that will make them get healthy!

Wellness and Fitness Department

POsiMOWorldFitNAllHealth Care Cruises”

(APP in construction)

POsiMO World FitNALL HealthCare Cruises