founder way POsiMO?

Dear visitor, welcome at the PosiMO site. POsiMO stands for positive and movement,motivation. In 2006 I became paralyzed tat the entire left side of my body by a brain hemorrhage (stroke), On this site I present messages mostly by small movies with my commend how it helped me to “full recovery”. As a former Dutch Marine I use my knowledge and experience about training, the way how to do my exercities, using my will power and discipline Also I experience daily the power of the law of attraction by my bay doing affirmations. The messages with movies on this site have a motivating effect on me and Gide me to achieve my goal, to be the “third person” ever which is completely heelt., and in depended again this of 16 million victims each year worldwide!! Important to me is that you to experiences that you can change and improve your life. If I can do it, you can to !!! First ruel think positive any time and ervery ware also see, being positive as a medicine

Anthonie de klerk


attention in the rural newspaper the AD in one second everything was different,

in een seconde

jan en linda


Jan en Linda de Klerk


thank you for your attention. Anthonie


toon portret

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