Amazing nature short story

The in Holland living Leonie a beautiful half Brazilian half Dutch woman, felt the last days different, she had to go more often than usual to the bad room to pee, maybe she was over exited about the upcoming vacation to the Rocky Mountains. To be sure she made a doctors appointment two days after the Holiday. Together with here husband they enjoyed the beautiful journey to North America. Arrived in the Hotel they booked a sightseeing trip whit guides to go into the forest. The next day they walked in a group of tourists for hours complete relaxed in the wonderful nature, than Leonie had to go to the toilet when she walked in the back of the group and no one saw it then she walked of the pad into the forest at a open spot she quickly lowered her pants below her knees and leaned her back against a tree and starting with a big relief peeing suddenly a small baby bear runs past her and disappears into the forest, behind her Before she realized what was happening a angry big mother bear was in front of her ready to torn her apart terrified, she slid along the tree on her back to the ground next to the three with her pants on her knee’s she new it was over and waited to the bear rip her apart. than the wild angry defending mother bear started to smell on the spot Leonie peed. The following seconds mama bear calm down and left Leonie unharmed behind and disappears also in the forrest afther her baby?After the holiday Leonie went to the doctor as agreed, after a few tests she was congratulated on the arrival of a new babyYes mother bear must have smelt Leonie was pregnant and left hear unharmed and A life

“Amazing beautiful nature”