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FIT nALL New York+

Beauty & Brains FITnALL NewYork

corona woke world’s human population The city of New York was hit hard It’s crystal clear,we have to change! Our economy, together whit the production of (major) Industries, infect, our “total lifestyle” specifically our old way of thinking,Have a devastating affect on our life’s ,Health, nature, and the total environment, of the World! Sustainable & health, obvious are the most valuable and important, words of our future existence, this not alone in our choices how to live and what to consume! .But at the same time the deferent’s between a healthy & sick life, for our children&young generations! Fact is that more than 50%of the human population in 2020 have a disease. our mission is to educate and so have a positive effect and chance that!

Beauty & Brains FITnALL NewYork

Adriana Albritton

We all wane go into the universe afther a short time on this planet, no pain and suffering?

No struggle to keep healthy some of us cal it heaven But nobody wants to die! Appreciate your life and body keep it healthy and lean tread it as your one temple there you don’t eat so your tong and other things we all love are gone they are useless for your conscious whiteout a body.

So keep in shape and stay healthy a short life on earth must be heaven but we make it our self a hell using drugs nicotine, alcohol and terrible food what is not healthy for our body.but We can always change!



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