founder Anthonie Clarck

Ask yourself if it works what you believe if we all wanne change and make the world better for all of us way dont we do it?

the world has changed We know muts more, you can reprogram your mind, follow the instructions movies. and hold On doing it


“Everything will be alright & comes on the right moment” Be patient” “I’m balanced in everything”

“Think positive and move practice and move (train) every day

your subconscious mind maintains every cell in your body

“You are, because you think”

“Be the owner of your thoughts”
“you are and become wat you think”
(law of attraction)
“Stay true to yourself you are unique”
I am independent “Life” helps me
in Dutch: ik sta, ik loop, ik ren, ik zwem en ik rij in een 918
(I’m standing, I walk- I run-I swim- I drive a 918)

“I reach all my goals”

I call the positive Energy the universe must be out of respect : “Life” Really no living human knows what intelligent life on Earth is and how it arises on our planet. we now know it started in the sea! , live in harmony respect & protect others and all that lives. specially woman , children & animals “LIFE is FREE”, for everyone! see life (the universe) as a mirror everythimg you put in it will come back to you

keep your mind clear: Avoid “Stress, Alcohol, Drugs,Nicotine and meat! “

only the “hypocritical” people in your environment will judge. life is about Health emotion & mainly about how you “think & how you believe in yourself “YOU ARE WAT YOU THINK!”

“so enjoy life”pull beautiful and nice things in to your life by being optimistic &positive “it works for everybody” try it! thinking normal, or positive thoughts!will make you happy& it cost the same avert at the beginning! “but its a fact that positive thoughts will bring you positive things” never gif up being positive”


Begin to “Protect your Body & Mind”

Body :

Move & exercise daily:sign in & follow directions from Adriana Albitron on here FitnALLBlog


Start the first thing you do when you wake up, thinking affirmations like I am-HealthyI am-Happy! put everything you want in life behind I am! this way you led your subconsciousness mind to get you wat you want ( the way the law of attraction works be ware! this works to booth sides positive & negative use affirmations, do this also when you are in bed getting to sleep The POsiMO Magazine is full whit information about this proven universal law! repeat your affirmations also as often as you can during the day and share this information with your children!

Do this!